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we are a nomadic art studio open for everyone - we engage locals to have an unique experience experimenting with artistic, cultural and physical practice in a friendly and motivating environment - maybe different perspectives - maybe different horizons - experience new skills - awake them - have fun together on bigger projects and share it - bring your whole family and friends - come together with skilled artists and be inspired

discover create connect exchange show and tell your story

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nomadic open art studio

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email: toonoblog(at)gmail.com
website: www.toonomadic.blogspot.com


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toonomadic is working together with local professionals

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  • Bow Making

    master carpenter Lorenz Graf @ the yurt

    Make your own bow and be ready to let your arrows fly! This workshop gives you an introduction how to make a bow using wood from the local region and performance design to get most out of your bow.

  • Open Printing Studio

    artist Keita Nakasone @ Matrici Aperte, Brescia/Italy

    Basic Printing Techniques and working on own projects. Founder of Matrici Aperte, Keita Nakasone, is an artist with experience in painting and printing techniques aswell as creating public art events inside the communities. His art school Matrici Aperte is open to everyone who is interested in printing techniques. The studio provides good working opportunities if you want to work on your own projects in a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Didgeridoo Building

    artist/musician/poet/storyteller Peter Swain @ the yurt, Australia

    Build your own didgeridoo and paint it in your style! Peter Swain is an Australian based artist who knows how to build music tools in the bush like didgeridoos, clapsticks and many more. He also is an incredible skilled didgeridoo player and can help you to get the first tones out of your didgeridoo. And if this wasn't already enough, he is also a talented artist using sand and ochre pigments. Come and enjoy his knowledge and listen to his fun stories!

  • Vinyasa and Yin Yoga: Beginners and Advanced

    yoga instructor Magdaléna Koubek @ yoga con carne/the yurt, Germany

    yoga con carne is offering Vinyasa and Yin Yoga for Beginners or Advanced

  • Taiji and Qi Gong

    Fabian Burkes @ the yurt

    Get to know Taiji and Qi Gong.
    This workshop is ideal to get in touch with the oldest traditional Taiji form. If you like it, Fabian Burkes can help you to find a (commercial) master in your area. Himself he is a student of master Paris Lainas at Shujian based in Vienna, Austria. http://www.shujian.at

  • Ugly Drawing

    artist Robert Rosenberger @ the yurt, Austria

    Ugly Drawing – learn how to draw really ugly and even more! This workshop will surprise you! Robert Rosenberg knows how to awaken the artist in everyone and how to teach drawing in a very simple way. We will work with meditation, different drawing games and some concrete drawing exercises. You´ll be astonished what you´ll be able to draw after just a short time.

  • Handcraft Leather Workshop

    product developer/industrial designer Simon Graf @ the yurt, Germany

    Need an individual notebook or tablet sleeve? Protective, but minimalistic an super quick-to-use case for your camera? Or your mobile phone needs a new case to live in? Want your beautiful hand crafted pocket knife protected? If you are interested in using leather (or felt, or your old favourite T-Shirt), and crafting your own products with simple techniques with your bare hands, then this workshop will let you go home with something practical, beautiful and self-made.

  • Introduction to Colour: Learning from Albers

    artist/writer Deniz Güvensoy @ the yurt, Austria

    The workshop will follow Albers’ method and lead the participants to make their own experiments to discover colour in a deeper way. Participants will create their own abstract colour compositions using the knowledge they gained from the course.

  • Drawing Workshop

    artist Fanny Jacquier @ the yurt, Germany

    The human image excites an immediate response in the contemplor. No other subject affects us on so many levels. Bring a pen and attentive eyes and we will plunge into the world of portraiture. This workshop's goal is to playfully find a personal line and expression with the means of different drawing games and excersises.

  • From Chicken to Art

    artist fabian burkes @ the yurt

    Make your own colours with natural materials like earth pigments and paint with them! No hazard materials. Nontoxic. A safe and fun way to create your paintings. Have fun using your selfmade colours and create an unique artwork!

  • Experimental Painting

    artist anna graf @ the yurt

    Experimental painting workshop. Anna Graf is always keen to try new approaches in the field of painting. You will discover your own new ways how to express yourself.

  • Boomerang Building

    artist/musician Peter Swain @ the yurt, Australia

    From finding the right wood till throwing your own boomerang! Peter Swain is an Australian based artist who knows how to build surviving tools in the bush like spears, boomerangs or throwing sticks. He also is an incredible skilled didgeridoo builder and player. And if this wasn't already enough, he is also a talented artist using sand and ochre pigments. Come and enjoy his knowledge and listen to his fun stories!

  • Ceramics Basics

    artist Tsai-Yu Li @ the yurt, Taiwan

    Basic ceramic making techniques and working on own projects. Tsai-Yu Li is an upcoming contemporary ceramic artist based in Taiwan. She can show basic techniques but also give advise on materials for your own ceramic projects. Experience how the muddy clay in your hands becomes its living story!

  • Digital Photography: Beginners and Advanced

    photographer Sebastian Frölich @ the yurt, Germany

    Basic and Advanced Photography Techniques for all ages. Sebastian Frölich is a skilled photographer and an experienced traveller.

  • Sew your Bag

    fallmasche @ fallmasche, Austria

    Recycle and upcycle, change and exchange, seam and dream. Craft a handbag or bag with used material. Make and create with designers and artists Cornelia and Jona. Fallmasche is an upcoming design label for backpacks, handbags, pockets.

  • Image in Context – Collage workshop

    artist/writer Deniz Güvensoy @ the yurt, Turkey

    In this workshop, participants will have a brief presentation of various collage artists and then they will try to create their own artworks.

  • The Miniature Village

    architect Margot Clerc @ the yurt, France

    Creating small scales huts with natural materials. Side by side, a poetic village is getting organized, and will stay in the landscape till the nature takes it back. This free moment gives structural bases and creative ideas to build a bigger one! For kids from 4 years old. Free entrance times, all the day.

  • A Natural and Living Hut (Human Scale)

    architect Margot Clerc @ the yurt, France

    A hut for kids made with wicker and / or cob (earth and straw). For kids from 12 years old and adults. Limited to a group of 10 persons.

  • The Passage

    architect Margot Clerc @ the yurt, France

    Creating romantic or utopic passages through living trees. From 12 years old and adults.



Workshop Festival at Bosco Sociale Brescia, Italy with Terra e Partecipazione

The first toono festival in Italy took place at Bosco Sociale in Brescia 02. - 04.November 2017.

This beautiful young forest in the suburbian and agricultural landscape is the outcome of 
a group called Terra e Partecipazione, who dedicate their energy in creating a public place
to protect natural spaces in the city. An ongoing industrialisation and urbanization is threatening the diverse environment in this region. The group is working on public awareness.

toonomadic felt honored to be invited to this site. Together with Matrici Aperte and Terra e Partecipazione, we invited artists from Austria, France, Germany, Syria and Turkey to take part and offer free workshops.

Two days of workshops were offered to the public. Workshops were open for kids and adults.

c / anna graf

c / anna graf

c / anna graf

The idea of toonomadic

What we do

social meeting

strenghten and bond your community for the future - all projects working with skilled local artisans together is an essential part of toonomadic. toonomadic stands for sustainable ongoing projects in the communities
and is also offering a broad network to give the opportunity to connect with other communities

open art studio space

toonomadic offers space for all sorts of meetings and workshops. the main meeting place is the yurt. the yurt is a moving studio and travels from remote regions to cities. toonomadic also cooperates with local artists and their studio spaces if available. toonomadic gives the artist, musician, writer etc. the possibility to offer own workshops for the community. toonomadic understands the importance of social awereness of sharing.


artistic knowledge, stories, poems, writing skills, pottery, sculpture, photography, yoga, taiji, carpentry, sustainable agriculture ("permaculture") etc.. toonomadic offers a wide range of activities where skills can be discovered. toonomadic has experience in educational programs for more than 10 years and seeks collaborations with motivated artisans, nature pedagogist, inclusion programs and associations, schools, youth and early childhood centers...

working with your local artists, musicians etc. together

discover and create by watching skilled artists. the primary focus lays in supporting creativity and exchange.
everyone can be an artist or actor! relax and have fun!

organization of appropriate displays, openings and events

toonomadic can organize and curate small events and openings to show works done in the community.


toonomadic seeks social awareness. sharing within the community and playing together
in a friendly welcoming atmosphere is an important key role.
workshops are normally held in English and / or the language of the participants mayority
with respect for everyones own tongue


Get in touch!

Feel free to get in touch with us! If you are interested in participating in this project or in us coming to your community write us at



1150 Vienna, Austria
Mariahilfer Strasse 189